Letter of World Federation of Science Journalists to PSciJourn

16 December 2005 

Angelo B. Palmones 
Philippine Science Journalist Association (PSciJourn) 
c/o Victoria B. Bartilet,
Bicutan, Taguig Metro Manila, Philippines 

Dear Angelo B. Palmones:

Please accept-from the World Federation of Science Journalists-our best wishes for a festive season and a rewarding and successful New Year. These are the sincere wishes of the members of the Board, and its Program and Finance committees as well as the Executive Director. 

Since its beginnings as a series of conferences-in 1992 in Tokyo, then Budapest in 1999 and Sao Jose dos Campos (Brazil) in 2002, the WFSJ elected its first Board. In Montreal, a new Board was elected and two committees created.

Montreal was also a financial success. It generated a surplus of C$ 135,000 which was split between the hosts-the Association des Communicateurs Scientifiques du Quebec (ACS), the Canadian Science Writers’ Association (CSWA)-and the WFSJ. Thanks to its share of the surplus (C$45,000), the Federation can now put in place an embryonic secretariat, manage a web site (www.wfsj.org), hold meetings and make plans. 

In November 2005, at the United Nations backed World Science Forum in Budapest, the Federation’s Board, Program and Finance committees all met in person for the first time. The enclosed package reports on the proceedings and and outcomes of Budapest.

We are also enclosing a questionnaire that, hopefully, you will fill out and return to us, so we can better understand what you think the Federation can and should achieve. The Federation appreciates that eight of its 23 members have resolved to make their voluntary membership contributions, and we encourage them to continue doing so, and others to follow. 

The next World Conference of Science Journalists will be from 16 to 20 April 2007, in Melbourne, Australia. We are looking forward to a very exciting conference and a strong participation from member associations.

In the meantime, the Federation is poised to initiate some challenging projects to help colleagues in the developing world. These will be designed to make maximum use of the talent and resources of its member organizations. These activities will also contribute in a major way to establish the Federation on firmer footing. The focus of these programs-which will be extensive and well-funded, and about which you will hear much more in the future-are aimed at Africa and the Arab world. They represent the beginnings of what the Federation can do, and the first of- we hope- many such initiatives around the world, for both developing nations and those in the industrialized world. We invite you and your members to look at how you might contribute to: 

— Peer-to-peer training activities
— Mentoring
— Developing online courses
— Developing training matrials 
— Developing a ‘traveling’ Narrative Science Journalism Workshop
— Twinning with and helping nascent associations
— Developing a guide on how to create an association
— Provide legal assistance in registering associations 
— Setting up and managing International Science Journalism prizes 
— Developing international ethics and standards in Science Journalism

We are also eager to hear from you, about your challenges and achievements as an association — news that we can share with other associations. We will start communicating more regularly in 2006 as our Secretariat is established, and we are looking forward to sharing news, information and other interesting material you might send us. The sharing of information will be done through the website and a newsletter. 

We look forward to hear from you and working with you.

Best regards,

Wilson da Silva 


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